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At Dancetime we believe that dancing benefits every child! In fact training enables children to develop rhythm, fitness, coordination, grace, and creativity. Children love to dance with us because of our commitment to bringing out the best in every dancer through fun routines and a fresh approach to movement. Our goal at Dancetime by Stephanie is for each student to cultivate a lifelong appreciation of dance!

Our mobile dance program provides a valued convenience to busy parents who may not wish to use their time driving their children to a dance studio. Dancetime brings dance to children of all ages and locations. Our quality dance programs are found in public and private elementary schools, preschools, Kindergartens, and YMCA’s. We are also available for featured entertainment at children’s birthday parties.

We are different from karate, sports, gymnastics, and yoga because we introduce children to dance as a performance art. Our yearly on-stage recital provides students with the opportunity to discover the joy of performing. Our dance productions include costumes, back-drops, lighting, and a terrific audience filled with family and friends! Our recitals encourage positive self- expression through dance in a non-competitive, supportive environment.

Summer Dance Workshop

at St. Nicholas School:
June 26th through July 24th

Grade: Kindergarten through 4th Grade
Times: Tuesdays 1:00 – 2:15 pm

Hip-Hop, Jazz & Ballet
Location: St. Nicholas School (Northridge)

Tuition or 5 week dance workshop: $120.00


Dancetime Birthdays

Garden Fairy Party

Dances taught by a winged fairy in a beautiful fairy costume. Create a whimsical party in your own garden.

Dancing Beauty Party

This party features fun, sparkly make-up application, manicures, and lots of great dancing.

Ballerina Princess Party

Creative ballet lesson, pretty ballet skirts to dress up in, sparkly face painting.

Hawaiian Hula Party

Hawaiian hula dancing is beautiful and fun way to celebrate with pretty leis, island choreography, and lots of aloha.

Diva Dancer Party

Children learn a hip-hop dance routine and get to wear dazzling, pop-star make-up! Decorate your own diva T-shirt.

Create Your Own Theme Party

From Pirate Adventures to prehistoric Dinosaur Dances, we can make your theme come to life through dance.
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Dancetime Instructors

Dancetime instructors are qualified, professional, and invaluable in bringing dance to our students.
Children in Dancetime learn from the best in the industry.
Our instructors have experience dancing professionally and are dedicated to working with children.

Stephanie Hill
Owner of Dancetime by Stephanie/Dance Instructor
Since age 4, Stephanie Hill has been a dancer.   Her love for the art of dance moved her to start DanceTime by Stephanie in 1995.   Through Dancetime by Stephanie she shares her love of movement with hundreds of students of all ages.   Her unique dance program enhances each child’s physical and creative development as a dancer.   It is Stephanie’s desire that her students cultivate a lifelong appreciation of dance and wonderful memories of dance class.   Stephanie Hill has a BA in Psychology and extensive dance training from varied Los Angeles Dance Studios and the University of California, Santa Barbara.   Stephanie enjoys studying and performing Polynesian dance.

Risa Arisue
Risa Arisue began jazz and ballet dance at age 11 in Japan.  She moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue her dance dream.  Risa now dances professionally in the highly acclaimed modern ballet company Ken Dance Company.  In addition to performing, Risa teaches jazz dance classes and is a dance coach for figure skaters.  Risa loves teaching dance to children.  Her patience and creativity make her stand out as a dance educator.

Rachel Cohen
Rachel Cohen was born and raised in the San Fernando valley. At a very young age she discovered her love of dance, especially classical Ballet. She trained at well known studios in the area, and predominantly at the Westside School of Ballet in Santa Monica. She has preformed in numerous stage performances such as “Swan Lake”, “The Nutcracker” and “Sleeping Beauty.” She graduated from the University of Southern California, and danced in the USC Repertory Dance Company. She studied Early Childhood Education, and received her Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. Her number one love is working with children, helping them grow, and encouraging them to believe in themselves through dance!